Welcome to Clinch River Community School, located in Clinton, Tennessee.



Mission Statement  

Our Mission is to prepare students to SOAR in a global society. This will be accomplished by the creation of a learning environment which incorporates:

Superior teachers
Outstanding leadership
Accountable fiscal stewardship
Resounding community acceptance.




Clinch River Community School will be recognized by students, parents, guardians, teachers, professional educators, and community members as a school of choice by:

  • Publicizing and adhering to its belief statements

  • Fulfilling its mission statement

  • Employing teachers who love to teach and inspire all students to learn

  • Adopting and implementing best practices based on the idea of continuous improvement as validated by statistical data

  • Utilizing clear, timely and persuasive communication to unite government, business & industry, local citizenry and the educational community to achieve the goal of excellence in education

  • Updating and maintaining regularly the operating policies, procedures, and business rules in order to optimize student growth and performance


  • To provide a challenging learning environment where students can and will achieve

  • To provide a safe, nurturing environment that encourages students to develop and interact

  • To provide an environment where students develop confidence to take risks and set goals

  • To provide a commitment to the professional development of teachers, staff, and administrators

  • To provide a standard where students act responsibly and have respect for themselves, their school, and their community


Some students learn better in a small group setting. Often times, students are behind their peers in social development and need an opportunity to be taught social skills that are missing from their “survival kit.” Clinch River Community School is dedicated to helping students evolve into productive citizens by:

  • Building strong community through students exercising voice, choice, and responsible interdependence to work together for the common good

  • Establishing and nurturing respectful, supportive relationships among all members of the learning community

  • Creating an environment characterized by exploration, discovery, and application, which leads to deeper learning

  • Developing intrinsic motivation by meeting the basic human needs for safety, autonomy, belonging, competence, usefulness, fun, and pleasure

  • Sense of achievement: reaching your personal goals while preparing for a successful future

Common Core Standards

Clinch River Community School is focused on helping students reach success across the curriculum core content areas of language arts, mathematics, social studies, and science. Throughout the Common Core State Standards, students will be engaged in thinking, problem solving, and creativity, which are all skills necessary for college or the workforce. Students who enter this school will have an opportunity to learn at a low student to teacher ratio.   The learning environment is highly structured, and is designed to meet the students’ individual needs. Not only will students be exposed to a smaller learning environment, but will have more one on one contact with the classroom teacher. All of these learning components mixed together will create more opportunities for student learning to take place in the classroom. This educational philosophy is the basic foundation of the Clinch River Community School, and why it was developed to serve students who live within the Anderson County School System.


Students who attend the Clinch River Community School have the opportunity to be involved in the community. The Clinch River Community School is dedicated to giving back to the community, and partnering with local businesses, in the Anderson County region. Service-Learning is a teaching and learning strategy that integrates meaningful community service with instruction and reflection to enrich the learning experience, teach civic responsibility, and strengthen communities.

Career and Technical Education

High School students attending the Clinch River Community School will have access to Anderson County’s Career and Technical Education program (CTE). This access will allow students to concentrate on a career skill that will help prepare them to be a productive member of a community.   Research shows students who are at risk, disadvantaged, or disabled have greater success and more opportunities when enrolled in technical, school-to-career, and other CTE programs. Furthermore, CTE programs motivate students to get involved in their learning by engaging in problem solving skills, hands-on activities, and collaborative learning with adults and peers. Career and Technical Education enables students, who may not have the interest, ability, or skills to pursue a college degree, as a post secondary alternative. Clinch River Community School will offer a true agriculture science program for students. Career and Technical Education is an important component of the alternative program. Clinch River Community School understands the importance of preparing students to be productive citizens.