21st Century Workplace Program

The 21st Century Workplace Program is a one-of-a-kind program for the State of Tennessee offering high school students a demanding academic and technical curriculum as well as a clearly structured office work area with professional behaviors expected. 

The paths that each graduate of the 21st Century Workplace Program takes to succeed varies, but all will explain that without this program, they would have dropped out of school.  Students complete credit requirements to earn a high school diploma as well as plan future schooling and training after high school.


Available by referral to tenth to twelfth grade students who have earned at least eight credits, the program focuses on developing work skills, setting goals, and learning to reach them, problem-solving, and critical thinking as well as completing traditional high school studies.  The classroom itself looks more like an office than a traditional classroom, with each student sitting in front of a computer at an office desk working on his or her personal goals.  Students are encouraged to demonstrate work habits and a demeanor that reflects a self-directed office worker rather than a more traditional high school student.

Most students who enter the program function best in a small learning environment.  After a referral process, students commit to certain standards and rules for the program. 


Using computers as tools of instruction as well as texts, workbooks, study, and discussion, students must progress at a daily rate to finish all the work needed to earn a Credit for the course of study.   Semester offerings include students who are studying: English 2, 3, 4, U.S. History, Economics, Government, Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Foundations I, Foundations II, Physical Science, Biology, Environmental Science, Wellness, Computer/Typing, Introduction to Business, Distance Learning Earth Science (Students take a high school course at a virtual high school, with an on-line teacher as well as an in-class facilitator), Graphics and Visual Arts at The Learn Center, Cosmetology at ACCTC, Forestry and Principles of Agriculture, Housing and Interiors, ACCTC, Early Childhood Education, ACCTC, WebPage Design, ACCTC, Automotive Tech, ACCTC, Automotive Tech, Jacksboro Tech, and Spanish II and Band at ACHS.  Many are also taking advantage of Credit Recovery within the regular day.  Some of the students remain in the 21st Century Workplace Program classroom all day, eating breakfast and lunch in the room.  Some travel between other schools and this program.  Many students go out of the room to classes at ACCTC.  Many of the seniors participate in a Work-Based Learning Experience.